B-BBEE Verification

Kreston SA offers a full-service B-BBEE standard verification methodology as per SANAS and DTI requirements. We have a team of competent analysts with more than 30 years of BEE experience. Obtaining B-BBEE verification opens up a world of opportunities for organisations focused on expanding their potential client base.


The right B-BBEE ownership structures and B-BBEE verification not only operate as a force for positive change in the economy, but also provide organisations with a wealth of opportunity for major growth. From calculating your organisation’s B-BBEE Scorecard and ratings to detailed GAP analysis, strategy, planning and implementation, Kreston SA’s B-BBEE consulting service will deliver continuous professional guidance to help your business improve B-BBEE ratings and achieve B-BBEE Compliance.

If you require assistance in B-BBEE verification or compliance consulting, get in touch with our team of BEE consultants from our Johannesburg and Pretoria branch.