Forensic Auditors in Pretoria


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  100-C Club Avenue – Situated between 100-A and 100-F, Waterkloof Heights/Ridge, 0181


Kreston Forensics SA has three regional offices, located in the Free State, Eastern Cape and Gauteng, more specifically, just off the N1 in Garsfontein Road, Ashlea Gardens, Pretoria (Tshwane).

We have the capacity to roll out a temporary or mobile investigative support office at any location both nationally and internationally and have done so during numerous previous investigations, with great success. Such a temporary or mobile investigative support office provides communication, technology and networking support to the investigators on site.


Kreston Forensics SA has two executive directors, namely Mr Jacques van Wyk and Ms Julia van Wyk, and two non-executive directors, being  Mr John Mophete and Ms Jeanette Monahadi.

We meet the growing demand for specialised forensic accounting and financial investigative services in South Africa and abroad.  Our multidisciplinary forensic team consists of experienced professionals with decades of experience in their fields, who all place specific attention and care to the application of scientific methods in the field of forensic accounting and investigation.

We offer three core service offerings, which each have multiple sub-disciplines that fall into the scope of our abilities.  We cover:

  • Investigation of Economic Crimes
  • Litigation Support
  • Prevention and Deterrence

During investigations, we obtain and examine various sources for evidence, determine how the offence was committed, quantify the actual and potential losses stemming from the incident, and identify the parties involved in committing the offence.  Our findings and supporting evidence are compiled in a forensic report that can be used in institutional proceedings, or civil or criminal proceedings in a court of law.

When it comes to the providing of litigation support, our staff holds the most comprehensive understanding of the case and evidence at hand.  Our Litigation Support Services are designed to support our clients in order to allow for the matter to be dealt with effectively.  We provide assistance with presentations and clarifications in terms of the forensic report and supporting evidence, the building of the evidence files to be used in proceedings, assistance with case preparation, assessment of witness statements, and providing evidence and testimony in the legal proceedings.

When it comes to prevention and deterrence of economic crimes, even the best recommendations over time turn into rules that are not strictly adhered to.  We believe that a combination of training and education, along with viable working prevention measures provides the best deterrent against economic crime.  We provide an approach that is tailor made to our individual client’s needs, customizing the strategy to find the best synergy for the client’s specific environment.

We approach fighting economic crime as a collective activity, and view the active sharing of information and guidance as critical components to continuously and successfully address and prevent economic crime.